Fall Gospel Meeting

November 5 – 8, 2017

Sunday Bible Class: “A Grace-Filled Church”                                 9:30AM

Sunday “Breaking The Huddle”                                                      10:30AM

Sunday “Powerful Angels”                                                                1:30PM

Monday “Step Into The Water”                                                        7:00PM

Tuesday “Because God Says So”                                                      7:00PM

Wednesday “Precious: When A Saint Dies”                                    7:00PM

Thursday Morning Bible Class

Join us each Thursday for a bible study and fellowship. We begin at 10:30am with a study of scripture or a topic related to scripture. Following our study, we will share a meal together and fellowship.

Vacation Bible School

Everyone and anyone is invited to join our congregation in a study of the Word of God. Each Our VBS teachers present bible based lessons in a practical and relatable way. We have classes for all ages.